Jetpack Jones

By Paul Jimenez on December 17, 2013


Jetpack Jones is a laid-back character from Lakewood, California who has been spitting positive, peaceful lyrics for a little over three years now. The 23-year-old artist released his latest project, Third Eye Initiative in late November and has earned plenty of satisfying responses from his fans and followers ever since. It was the first time ever Jetpack used a single producer for an entire project, but it turned out that he and Brock Berrigan collaborated for a relaxing piece of sound that delivers a mind-easing experience you can not miss out on. Currently, Jetpack Jones is on tour with Reem Riches and Mann presenting the Jet Rich Peace tour which has already reached three locations: Sacramento, San Diego, and Los Angeles. When the tour is all over, Jetpack Jones plans to get back to work while promoting both his music and views through the "Jetpack Movement".


Who is Jetpack Jones?


How long have you been making music?

"Seriously, for like three years."

Talk about working with other local artists and how it has helped you.

"Most of them are like my friends. So, it's kinda helped me be more natural you know. With these collabs I don't have to try to be some shit."

If you can only choose one AriZona, what flavor would it be?

"Just the green tea or the black & white tea. The black & white tea."

Describe your style as an artist.


What type of feedback are you getting for your latest project, Third Eye Initiative?

"It's been good feedback so far. It's been all good feedback, yea."

What is the "Jetpack Movement" all about?

"It's pretty much just about doing you own thing. Like, thinking for yourself, realizing your own potential and all that shit. Not relying on other people."

What do you enjoy the most about Lakewood, California?

"I don't know, the people I guess. This is where I grew up so it's like the type of people that I'm cool with, so I guess I'd say the people."

How's the Jet Rich Peace tour going?

"It's good, it's been fun so far. We just came back. We had three shows in a week, we had the shows I told y'all about earlier. We had San Diego, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. Sacramento trip was a trip."

Lastly, what's next for Jetpack Jones?

"I'm moving!"


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