yung bans

By Paul Jimenez on July 25, 2016


Establishing his own sound out of the Southside of Atlanta is the boy all about his bread, Yung Bans. Riding on this crucial Atlanta wave that has been taking over Soundcloud, he too has gotten some well deserved buzz. His hit single "4Tspoon" featuring Playboi Carti really put him on the map globally, gathering over a million plays since it released early last year. The kid has been dropping nothing but bangers, the type of music you slap in the trunk whenever it happens to come on. Listening to Yung Bans really gets you in that mood to go after the gap. Recent allegations have motivated him to take his music to a deeper level, realizing that his talent can take him farther than any of his previous methods. With the help of some loyal producers, Yung Bans should continue  to be on the rise. As long as he keeps himself out of trouble, expect the bangers to keep rolling out.


Who is Yung Bans?

“The youngest nigga in charge”

What's something people don't know about youself?

"I'm not a rapper.”

What part of Atlanta are you from?

“Southside, Union City”

Talk about the response you received after releasing "4Tspoon" featuring Playboi Carti.

“Niggas started to hate but the song still going crazy."

How would you describe your music?

“Real get it out the mud music only real niggas can relate to. None of that bullshit these niggas make.”

How did you connect with Florida artists xxxtentacion and $ki Mask the Slump God?

"Death Row show in Miami with Saveage. Them niggas took care of me in Miami, I got them boys for life for real.

Talk about your relationship with fellow Atlanta producer, MexikoDro.

“Mexiko one of the realest producer out, real solid nigga. I probably was one of the first niggas on his beats.”

What made you drop a diss track on Thouxanband Fauni?

"Nigga just a lil copy cat trying to run off with my sound and adlib, like niggas be changing their name to make it more like mine. It's a lot that go into that though, I'll go more in detail later. 

When are we going to get that Yung Bans mixtape?

“Sometime in late 2016 maybe.”

Talk about your recent allegation, did it motivate you in any way?

“Motivated me a lot, showed me I gotta stay out the streets and away from the bullshit and focus 100% on my craft.”

What's your main focus?

“Too be successful and take my momma and siblings out the struggle. My main focus is to build my brand until I'm on top. Nobody can stop me, I'm going to be the greatest one day.”



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